is an exploratory artistic display of data as art. Emotional status is something that forms and passes like a cloud in the air. What if an installation can hold and collect individual emotional statuses and displays how we all feel together in the same space? Will collective emotional awareness influence individual moods and vice versa?

For creating a certain mood, people often use lighting effects and colorful lights. When used on a large scale like with, lights are somewhat emotionally overwhelming and powerfully expressive. This project visualizes emotional status of people in twenty-four strings of LED lights: the bottom LED string refreshes to the color corresponding to the most recent input and it moves up as more updates occur afterward. Through this representation, one can reflect on the collective emotional status of the people in that space in a timely manner.

More information is available here.

Younghui Kim, Lindsay Reynolds, Jacqueline Chien, Hyuns Hong, Leah Scolere, Eric Baumer, Emily Sun, Geri Gay

Scolere, L. M., Baumer, E. P., Reynolds, L., & Gay, G. (2016). Building Mood, Building Community: Usage Patterns of an Interactive Art Installation. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Supporting Group Work (pp. 201-212). [ ACM | PDF ]


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