Automated Personalized Health Feedback 

Main investigators – Tanzeem Choudhury, Hane Aung, Mi Zhang and Mashfiqui Rabbi
Past investigators and collaborators – Bonnie Spring, Angela Pfammatter, Erin Carroll, Steve Voida, Jean Costa, Max Schachere, Chantelle Farmer


Modern fitness devices and apps can keep track of fine-grained personal health information. However, none of them does anything significant with the data to promote healthier lifestyle. MyBehavior changes all of that and is the first mobile app that provides personalized health suggestions automatically. MyBehavior’s learns its user’s lifestyle and suggests small changes that users can actually do. MyBehavior is like Netflix or Pandora for your health behavior. It is different and smarter than mere step-counting, or one-size-fits-all suggestions that healthcare professionals or apps give now-a-days.

Under the hood, MyBehavior uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technique: an online multi-armed bandit model automatically generates context-sensitive and personalized activity and food suggestions based on calorie count and the user’s physical activity and food habits. MyBehavior continually adapts its suggestions by exploiting the most frequent healthy behaviors while sometimes exploring non-frequent behaviors in order to maximize the user’s chances of reaching her health goal (e.g., weight loss). Also, MyBehavior takes user privacy seriously. It creates all the suggestions inside the phone without exporting any data to the cloud.


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WebsiteFigure: (a) Personalized physical activity suggestions generated by MyBehavior (b) progress of the first suggestion in ‘a’ over time (c) location of first suggestion (d) progress of another suggestion overtime (e) personalized food suggestions based on what the user has eaten before.


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