Vera and eMoms



Precursors to the Vera+ platform, Vera and eMoms are projects designed to encourage healthy decisions drawing on open-ended social awareness.

Vera and eMoms are the precursors to the Vera+ platform: they also are designed to encourage healthy decisions drawing on open-ended social awareness – making users aware of both others’ and their own decisions. Vera is an older Android application fostering social support by visually sharing health-related decisions. The eMoms system is a low-fidelity analog deployed in lower-income areas of upstate New York: SMS and MMS were used to gather user information, and an HTML interface targeted at desktop browsers served as the interaction portal.

Both projects yielded a wealth of usage data and rich interviews, and provide insights into design and evaluation implications for mobile health technology, as well as helping expand the design space of mobile health beyond prescriptive persuasion.


Eric Baumer, JP Pollak, Phil Adams, Vera Khovanskaya


Baumer, E., Katz, S.J., Freeman, J., Adams, P., Gonzales, A., Pollak, J.P., Retelny, D., Niederdeppe, J., Olson, C., Gay, G., (2012). Prescriptive Persuasion and Open-Ended Social Awareness: Expanding the Design Space of Mobile Health. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2012) Seattle, WA, February 11-15, pp. 475-484. [ ACM | PDF ]

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